Introducing Gator Guide News


Hello everyone,

Gator Guide now has a biweekly newsletter, Gator Guide News! It is is a biweekly newsletter about what is going on at Gator Guide and the University of Florida. Follow links to new tips, stories and ideas.

Do you have useful information that could help incoming freshman and new Gators? Do you have all the scoop about football tickets, on-campus dining or life in Gainesville? Email with the subject line “SUBMIT,” and you just might be featured in the next issue of Gator Guide News!

To subscribe to Gator Guide News, email your name to with the subject line “SUBSCRIBE.”

First Ever Gator Guide News newsletter – Word doc format

First Ever Gator Guide News newsletter – PDF format

Stay in the know about all things happening at the university and around Gainesville with Gator Guide TODAY.

Best Regards,

Gator Guide Staff


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