Culture and Religion



Every weekday when normal classes are held, members of the Krishna house can be found serving food at the Plaza of the Americas while chanting, playing music and dancing. They ask for a donation of $4 a plate, but refills are free, so you can keep going back for seconds, thirds, fourths or more.

Visit its website to learn more about Krishna lunch and view their menu.


Gainesville is a diverse city that has a place for people of any race, gender and orientation. Known for electing an openly gay mayor and frequently getting placed on lists of the gayest cities in the U.S., Gainesville is home to an active LGBT group. Every year, the group puts on various events such as a Pride Parade and Pride Festival.

Visit Gainesville Pride to learn more about the community and their upcoming events.


UF also has an LGBT organization called Pride Student Union. Aside from meetings, PSU hosts a Drag Ball every year and crowns a ball king and queen. For pride awareness month, PSU hosts talks and invites famous speakers to UF. Most events are free.

Visit UF Pride‘s website for more information.


Gainesville is home to many festivals. Whether you’re into punk music, history, art, flora or more, there is an annual festival catered to you. Here are a few of the biggest.

For more information about festivals in the city, click here.


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