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Fitness Assesment CenterStaying fit is easy at the University of Florida. With a valid Gator 1 ID and if students are enrolled in classes, they can enjoy many of UF’s fitness facilities, which include gyms, pools, tennis and racquetball courts for FREE. Necessary equipment can be rented at these locations for FREE.


The recreational facilities at UF are equipped with the latest machines, which work out any area of the body, and weights. Some have indoor basketball courts, racquetball courts, a pool and outdoor volleyball courts.They offer fitness classes too.

Southwest Recreational Center

Nicknamed Southwest among students, Southwest Recreational Center is the largest of its sort at UF. It is an 140,000 square foot state of the art facility. Since its opening in 1994, over two million students have played or worked out in this facility.

It is located at the corner of Hull Road and Bledsoe Drive across from the Harn Museum and the Center for the Performing Arts. Take RTS Route 20, 21 and 125 to Southwest.

It is generally open till late. Visit its website to view its hours.

Personal trainer sessions and massage therapy are also available for a fee.

Southwest is also a haven for Greek Life. Most Greek intramural games occur there. On any day its likely to run into many of them either doing cardio or weights.


  • 14,000 square foot strength and conditioning roomSouthwest
  • Six indoor basketball courts
  • Six racquetball courts
  • Multipurpose gymnasium for indoor soccer, handball and basketball
  • 15,000 square foot split-level cardio room with personal viewing screens
  • First floor includes state of the art cardio equipment, a functional fitness area with kettlebells, light-weight dumbbells, a throwing wall and benches.
  • Second floor includes state of the art cardio equipment and a 1/9 mile indoor track
  • Two massage therapy rooms
  • Personal training studio
  • The Fitness Assessment Center (FAC), which offers two types of packages: general and sports performance assessments.
  • Athletic training room
  • Three activity rooms
  • Men’s and women’s locker rooms with digital locks
  • Digital day lockers
  • Social lounge equipped with seating areas, flat screen TVs, Wi-Fi and a smoothie bar

Student Recreational and Fitness Center

Nicknamed the Rec Center, the Student Recreational and Fitness Center was the first facility on campus dedicated to student’s fitness. It opened in the fall of 1991. It is centrally located in campus on Fletcher Drive, beside the Student Health Care Center.

It is generally open till late. Visit its website to view its hours.

Most fitness courses take place here. It’s outdoor pool is used by students and the UF. water polo team for games and practice.


  • Multipurpose gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and martial arts
  • Strength and conditioning room
  • Two group exercise rooms
  • Eight indoor racquetball courts
  • Two squash courts

Broward Outdoor Recreational Complex

Located across the street from Beaty Towers, The Broward Outdoor Recreation Complex (BORC) offers basketball, sand volleyball and tennis courts, a roller hockey rink and a skate park. Equipment can be checked out at BORC and the Southwest Recreation Center.

Visit its website to view its hours.

Stephen C. O’Connell Center Weight Room

Housed on the ground floor of the Stephen C. O’Connell Center, it is a 2,800-square foot. free weight room and 1,800-square foot cardiovascular room. It is located across from Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

To access weight room enter through Gate 1 and go down the stairs. It will be on the right.

The Department of Recreational Sports has a number of outdoor facilities, including 32 tennis courts, nine sand volleyball courts, five basketball courts, four racquetball/handball courts, three volleyball courts, a skate park and a roller hockey rink. It also has seven fields, which can be used when Sports Clubs and special events are not using them.

Visit its website to view hours and policies.


Recreational Pools

The Department of Recreational Sports also has a couple of recreational pools, which are used by Sports Clubs for games and practices. They are open to anyone with a valid Gator 1 ID who is enrolled in classes. Visit its website for pools hours. Swim classes are available. Lifeguards are always on duty.

The Florida Pool

The Florida Pool is located outside of the Student Recreational and Fitness Center. It is heated during the winter. It is a haven for anyone who lives on campus, especially freshmen, who do not have a pool. Its deck are filled with students tanning on hot days.

The Steven C. O’Connell Pool is located on the lower level of the center between Gates 2 and 3. It is has diving boards and swim lanes.

Other Pools

There are also a couple of pool around campus, which are located at the center of populated dorm areas. The Graham and Broward Pools are a haven for anyone on campus, especially freshmen. These pools are open during warm weather. However, these pools do not have chairs so either bring your own or a towel to lay out. Visit its website for pool hours. A lifeguard is always on duty during these hours.


From circuit training to dancing, UF offers various types of fitness classes in group or small settings. Boot camp is available for those who crave an intense workout. One on one help is also available with personal trainers. Students can shape their bodies in any of these classes. For schedules and course descriptions visit its website. All classes are free to anyone with a valid Gator 1 ID.


Lake Wauburg If you’re looking for a break from the buildings and books at UF, head to Lake Wauburg. It is open to anyone with a valid UF ID and their guests for FREE. There, you can borrow a canoe, sailboat, or paddle boat, and explore the lake, then have a barbeque. You can even try wake boarding, among its other activities. You can also go swimming in its designated areas, Rock Climbingwhich are free of alligators. If you can’t swim or prefer something more intense, you can take on its challenge course or climbing wall. It is located eight miles south of campus on Highway 441,

Visit its website for information on its hours, directions, policies, activities and facilities.


For the adventurous soul, check out TRiP in the J. Wayne Reitz Union for trips and deals on weekend getaways to various natural landscapes throughout the nation filled with camping, rafting, biking, climbing and more.

TRiP, The Travel and Recreation Program, is a volunteer, student run organization, which is part of the Center for Student Activities and Involvement. It plans and lead adventure and leisure-based trips for affiliates of the University of Florida. It hopes to entice trip goers on the thrills of the outdoors, while enlightening them on the beauty of the region and skill of the activity. TRiP strives to foster group interaction and personal growth.

Visit its website for information about TRip, a schedule of upcoming trips and pricing.


Healthy living does not end at the body in the gym. Rather healthy living is a culmination of physical health, based on exercise and proper dieting, and mental health. To be healthy you do well in these areas. The University of Florida offers various services, including nutrition and mental counseling, that will make you a healthy Gator inside and out.


CRC BuildingMental health is just as important as physical health and shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the college work load, stress, social and academic expectations and worries about finances and the future. Help manage it by scheduling an appointment with the U.F. Counseling & Wellness Center.

Located at 39010 Radio Road, the U.F. Counseling & Wellness Center offers FREE counseling services, group workshops, outreach presentation and consultation, a self-help library, training programs, community provider database and emergency assistance. Its staff includes licensed psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, clinical social worker, psychiatrists, psychiatric fellows, postdoctoral associates, psychology interns, counselor education interns, and practicum counselors. They each deal with various student issues.

Visit its website for details about its services, directions,hours and tips on how to relax, love yourself, etc. Call 352-315-1575 to make an appointment or for after-hours assistance.


Feeling sick or worried you may have contracted some sort of STI from last night’s hookup? Don’t fret, stop by U.F. Infirmary and its staff will make you feel better or tell you whats wrong. It can also come in handy when you need a sick note for an excused absence relating to an illness. Located betInfirmaryween the Florida Gym and the Student Recreational and Fitness Center on Fletcher Drive, it offers a variety of services. It offers primary care, women’s health services, acute care/trauma services, special clinics (allergy injections, immunizations, travel counseling), laboratory services, nutrition services, pharmacy,which can fill new and established prescriptions, like birth control, physical therapy, sports medicine, radiology/X-ray/EKG services and much more. Students can pay for their treatments through their insurance provider, the same day as the visit or later by logging into MyUFL to view their chargers.

Visit its website to learn about its services, hours and other locations. It even has a section for new students and parents and guardians.

Infirmary Map


Healthy FoodThe start of a new year at a new school, switching majors or exams can be overwhelming. Often time we eat our feeling, rather than face it. We then become depressed as we put on the pounds. PUT THAT FORK DOWN! Take advantage of U.F. Nutrition Services at the U.F. Infirmary. All currently enrolled students can meet with a U.F. dietitian for nutritional education and counseling for FREE.

On your first visit, they will begin an assessment, discuss nutrition recommendations and help you lay out a plan to achieve your nutrition goals. Then a follow-up appointment will be scheduled.

Nutrition Services may address:

  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Eating disorders
  • Vegan and vegetarian lifestyles
  • Gluten-free living
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Tips for a busy college student
  • General nutrition information

Visit its website for information about services, hours, tips to stay lean, the Gator Grub Cookbook, which offers meal ideas and tips for busy Gators, locations and information about the farmer’s market and to sign up for Gator Fuel 101, a newsletter that is distributed by the Gator Wellness staff with tips on healthy living

Start living a better, healthier life today. Learn how to avoid the dreaded Freshmen 15, which predicts that new students gain at least 15 pounds because of the stress and lifestyle changes of the new environment.

Food Pyramid


CondomA sexy Gator is a sexually healthy Gator. With the rise of STI rates, which suggest that 1 in 4 people have an STI, it is important to be aware and keep get tested.

According to the American College Health Association, “Safer sex means being smart and staying healthy. It means showing concern and respect for your partner and yourself. Safer sex means enjoying sex to the fullest without transmitting, or acquiring, sexually transmitted infections (STIs).”

The medical professionals at the Student Health Care Center

strive to ensure that the campus community is informed and safe when it comes to sexual activity. It provides many services that promote and ensure sexual health, including:

  • Counseling on anything related to sex and sexuality.
  • Information on contraceptive options for males and females.
  • Free condoms and oral dams, which available in team areas and the main lobby. They are also available at GatorWell and their booths.
  • Testing, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted disease and infection (STD/STI).
  • Medically vetted literature on sexual health, potential problems and more

Visit its website for more information on services, hours, location and other useful sites that contain such information. Call 352-392-1161 to make an appointment.

GatorWell Health Promotional Services

Gator WellAside from the services and education offered at SHCC, GatorWell Health Promotional Services promotes student success by providing excellent, accessible, and relevant health information, programs & services, and provides leadership for health-enhancing policy. It has a presence around campus with its mobile Health Hut. It provides FREE contraception advice, sexually transmitted disease and infection (STD/STI) counseling, free and confidential HIV testing by appointment and free condoms, lubricants and oral dams.

Aside from safer sex, Gator Well Health and Promotional Services also focuses on alcohol and other drug use, healthy eating and active living, time management, stress, sleep and tobacco.

Visit its website for information about its hours, locations, tips and services.


You’ve just had the most stressful week in the history of stressful weeks. You had chemistry, English and calculus exams all in the same week, your boss made you pick up an extra shift at work and your roommate kept you up all night chatting on the phone with her boyfriend. You deserve a nice, relaxing spa day. Here are some of Gainesville’s finest day spas.


Funworks offers mini golf, laser tag, bowling, roller skating, go karts and other games. Although it may seem like something for younger children, it’s a healthy, active way to spend an afternoon.

Visit Funworks’s site for more information.


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