Living on Campus

For doing your laundry in the student dorms, be sure to have plenty of quarters on hand. Bring your own laundry detergent and fabric softener.

Visit is website for more information.

If you’re living on campus, meals plans might be something to consider. See how much you might eat per week and how much you might be spending at chain restaurants around campus to see which plan is best for you.

Visit its website to learn more about meal plan options and prices.

You or your parents can refill your Gator 1 ID with money easily from Gator 1 Central, so you won’t have to starve.

Gator 1 Central


If you’re moving to Gainesville for school, chances are that you’ve never had to set up your utilities before. If you live in a dorm or in an apartment complex that has utilities included in your rent, you have nothing to worry about. It’s already been done for you. If not, check out these links.

While there are different options for setting up cable and internet services, the only electric company in town in Gainesville Regional Utilities, or GRU. Click here to set up an account.

Most Gainesville residents use Cox Cable as their cable and internet service provider, but other options include AT&T and Direct TV.


Here’s an article from U.F.’s student-run newspaper the Alligator that lists popular myths and legends about campus. Don’t freak out, though. They’ve all been disproven. Unless you find some of your own.

Read about Myths and legends at U.F.


You’re ready to make the big move. It’s four days before your dorm move-in day, and you can’t wait to move into your new, cozy, home-away-from-home dorm room. But what are you supposed to pack? And how are you supposed to fit it all into a room the size of a shoebox?

Here is what DormRoomCheckList recommends.

Dorm Room1: Dorm Electronics

    • laptop computer
    • printer, printer paper, extra printer ink, especially black
    • dorm room refrigerator (save money by buying rather than renting)
    • microwave oven
    • cell phone
    • iPod, iPod docking station, headset
    • flash drive
    • 2 power strips
    • lapdesk
    • small lamp
    • mini book light
    • alarm clock
    • extra batteries for your small electronics

* Optional dorm electronics

  • digital camera / digital video flip cam
  • small tv/dvd player combo
  • coffee maker
  • mini iron and mini ironing board (some dorms have this in laundry room)
  • stick vacuum OR foam broom/mop + dust pan
  • 2: Dorm Bedding
  • dorm “bed in a bag” OR
  • dorm sheets – twin sheets (xlong just in case your dorm has longer beds)
  • blanket, comforter
  • pillow
  • foam mattress topper
  • backrest (husband)
  • lap desk
  • bath towels
  • 3: Clothing
  • Two weeks worth of clothing, include one dress up outfit
  • bathrobe, pajamas
  • athletic shoes, daily shoes, dress shoes
  • umbrella
  • raincoat / winter coat
  • cap / hat
  • sunglasses
  • small sewing kit

Dishes4: Personal Dorm Room Supplies

  • dishes – coffee mug, bowl, plate, drinking glass, flatware (one place setting), water bottle, dishwashing soap
  • shower caddy filled with shower/face soap, shampoo, conditioner, razor,  tooth brush and tooth paste, dental floss
  • flip flops
  • hairdryer
  • comb / brush / styling gel
  • curling / straightening hair iron (for the women)
  • makeup mirror / makeup
  • medicine box filled with tylenol, motrin, pepto bismol, prescription meds, bandages, rubbing alcohol, vitamins, sunscreen, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, manicure scissors / clippers, feminine products, condoms
  • swiss army knife and or screw driver, cork screw, hammer, small nails, (most dorms do not allow nail holes), padlock (for gym locker)
  • scissors, ruler or tape measure
  • double sided tape / duck tape / masking tape / velcro tape
  • stapler, push pins
  • Additional school supplies and books (can get at campus store)

5: Storage and Dorm Room Organization

  • laptop bag / backpack
  • portable tote / duffel bag
  • suitcase
  • 2 bookends
  • clothes hangers
  • storage bin (milk crate or storage ottoman)
  • laundry bag or basket
  • waste basket

6: Cool Stuff For Dorm Rooms Decor

  • full length door mirror
  • small door white board for dorm messages
  • calendar
  • favorite wall art poster
  • christmas lights for atmospheric lighting
  • favorite framed photo from home
  • dorm throw rugs
  • live green plant
  • Ionic salt lamp (for fresh air and decorative lighting)

7: College Dorm Room Items to Consider (make sure you have space)

  • twin air mattress for visiting company
  • dorm bed risers (for privacy and extra storage under bed)
  • bean bag chair
  • blackout curtains
  • room divider screen
  • dorm safe
  • stuffed school mascot
  • bicycle and bike accessories (helmet), bike lock


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