The University of Florida is home to 16 colleges, over 115 different majors and over 100 different minors.

Are you interested in getting your undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Florida? Some colleges and majors allow students to do both at the same time with combined degrees.

Do you like academic challenges? Consider the UF Honors Program.


textbooksText books are like little brothers; they’re pesky, expensive, annoying and take up space, but you still have to have them. Here are some options when it comes to buying or renting text books.

In Gainesville:



Library EastFinding the answers is never an issue at the University of Florida, which has several libraries. Each college has its own library with books specific to it studies of interest and personnel who can help. Students can study there between classes, if they do not like the noise in the larger ones.

Library West, Smather’s Library (East) and Marston Library are the primary libraries on campus.

At George A. Smathers Libraries students can rent books and movies, check their availability online, read course reserves, which are set aside by teachers and save students money because they may not need to purchase these textbooks, rent laptops for in-library usage and view microfilm. Students can also rent study rooms, which are ideal for group projects and study sessions. Research assistance is also available. Some have a Starbucks inside, which makes the prospect of a late night with books bearable, and a store. All resources and services, except printing, retail and dining, are FREE to students with a valid Gator 1.

Students can also access UF’s databases and e-books off-campus. Simply connect to its virtual private network.

Library WestVisit the George A. Smathers Libraries’ homepage to learn about its hours and what each library offers. Libraries have extended hours during finals weeks.

Tips to Remember About Libraries

  • Never leave your stuff unattended.
  • During exam periods expect to wait for a seat because the library will be full.
  • Food, other than snacks and what is sold there, is not allowed in the library.
  • Generally Library West is considered the chatty library. If quiet is what you prefer, Marston Library or Legal Center of Information, which is located in the law school and is said to be the quietest one of all, is better.


Apart from Rate My Professor, UF has its own website where students can access past course Scantronevaluation averages and results. Some of these may be outdated, but now that the format has switched from paper to electronic, the results should be easier to record. You’ll need to log in with your gator ID and password to access these records.

Course evaluations are done for all courses by students at the end of each semester. Teachers view these reports after grades are done, so a student’s evaluation does not affect his or her final grade.

Visit its website and learn about your professors.


Globe Something you might want to look in to during your stay at UF is studying abroad. Located in The Hub, UF International Center can help you plan and apply to a program for foreign country. It’s mission is, “To enhance the educational experience and environment of UF’s students, faculty and staff by promoting a global perspective.”

Visit the website to view its programs, attend an info session, make an appointment with an adviser and contact a student who has studied abroad. Information is also available about what to do once you’re accepted. Studying abroad can be a great part of your college experience. If it doesn’t offer a program you’re interested in, you can request the center to add it to its system. Become an international citizen.

College also advertise study abroad programs relating to their majors. Look for these posters around campus.


Not everyone is a genius and at times we need help in our studies. U.F. offers free tutoring and paid tutoring and class notes and lectures is also available by other companies off-campus.

Free Tutoring at the U.F. Academic Technology Teaching Center

AT UF TEACHING CENTERFor free tutoring, try visiting your college’s office. They usually have a system that can pair you up with a tutor, who is usually a student who has taken the class you’re struggling with and passed it.

Another FREE option is the UF Academic Technology Teaching Center in Broward Hall, which accepts walk-ins for lower level math, science and other classes. Students can also make an appointment, partake in group study sessions and receive test reviews.

It also offers information on various tests, like the College Level Examination Program.

Visit is website to view its hours and services.



PROFESSORA popular tutoring service in Gainesville is TutoringZone, which offers review sessions and lecture notes and exam reviews for many courses offered at UF. While the price for one weekly session could feed a college student for a few days, TutoringZone’s methods have been proven effective by many UF students’ test results who attended sessions for tricky classes semester after semester. They also offer tutoring for standardized tests.

Visit its website to view its course offerings, locations, hours and prices.

Tutor Matching Service

Another tutoring service, which was awarded the Cade Prize, isTutor Matching Service. It is a Facebook application, so it is available to any student with a Facebook account. TMS lets you “try before you buy” and see tutors’ ratings, videos and other information.  Once you find someone you like, you can view his or her schedule and book them online.

Tutors can promote themselves on the site through YouTube videos, etc. Tutors can also accept credit card payments from students.

Visit its website to find yourself a tutor or become one.


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